Dec 14, 2009

The Task Is Upon You

Inspired by the words of Sekou Andrews and Dr. Don Berwick:

Protect our bodies with health nourish our souls with purpose.
Pour knowledge into our minds passion in our hearts.
Expect efficacy and improvement as its currency.

You asked us to reflect.
True desire faces unmet needs with apprehensive tensions
Reflections question reality with rude awakenings sending shivers of concern with Goosebumps of guilt.
What kind of system have we built?

You asked us to envision.
Doubts of broken foundations, shaky pillars, left with bridges that don’t connect.
Our patients we fail to protect.
Commitment and dedication advancing medical knowledge
Measuring its quality brings discrepancy to surface.
Pores sweat, mistaken assumptions composed of salty ignorance
Sincere passions lost through convections leave us cold.
Bold conversations expose realities of a system unjust.
Wake up my good friends, this system has rust.

You asked us to change.
Analyze criticize fundamentals of our fruit.
Bitter a taste of past disgrace transforms into sweet prudent pursuit.
Evolutionary regeneration stimulated by a gravitational force
Demand higher expectations elevate us to greater strengths
Scale up, costs down, aim times three.
Sprint to lead map improvement goals of being complication free.

Our school is one open world a challenge knocks.
Revolutionaries unlock by developing keys that makes us
Better fit to learn, better fit to teach, better fit to reach
Out to our patients, communities, and colleagues.
Declare legitimacy, demand transparency, institute policy.
Strapped with tools ideas for change.
Courage in our hearts and energy to proceed.
United together, we shall achieve.