Jun 3, 2010

Eva Ghana Wild

Wo kƆ he? = Where are you going?

To celebrate my last summer, I am going to Ghana! It'd be a shame to let Emily's ingenious blog title go to waste, so here's an offshoot blog: "Eva Ghana Wild."

I fly out in just two days to spend my summer doing clinical quality and management research on maternal mortality at six district hospitals in and around Kumasi. With cans of bug spray packed, I think I'm ready! This is my first trip to Ghana and my first time venturing out to Africa, so stay tuned here for pictures, impressions, and hopefully not too many vignettes about embarrassing myself!

Psst...if you are in Ghana this summer, let me know!

Jun 1, 2010

Quick 10 Minute Lesson

What motivates us? Perhaps with $100 in my pocket, I'd willingly bite into a chocolate covered grasshopper. But, money can't be the only motivator for our actions and behaviors. This short video highlighting Dan Pink's ideas on motivation sheds important light on P4P, joy in work, management, leadership, and so much more! What do y'all think of the video?

HT: Xi Wang