Apr 21, 2010

An Evening of Thanks

I have a little over a month left of my first of year of medical school...an unbelievable fact. One of the highlights of my year has been the Family Centered Experience program. I have written about the program in previous posts here and here. Closing up our year, all first year med students were asked to work in small groups and create an interpretive project using untraditional media to express our understanding of what we have learned from our patient volunteers. Tonight, all of our interpretive projects were on display and we spent the evening with our classmates and patient volunteers experiencing the reinterpretation of the struggles and triumphs of a life with illness.

Interpretive projects included poems, works of art, mixed media art pieces, cookbooks, original pieces of music, interpretive dance pieces, a children's book, and much more. Since pictures are worth a thousand words....enjoy!

To our patient volunteers, thank you so much for a memorable year!

If you had the opportunity to creatively express the patient experience with illness, what would you create?