Sep 19, 2011

17 Days Until "One Day in the Life of a Patient"

Get your cameras ready for Wednesday, October 5!

This fall, to kick off the school year, the IHI Open School is launching a photo campaign to promote empathy, compassion, and patient- and family-centered care. Simply put, we want you to put yourself in the shoes of a patient for one day – Wednesday, October 5 – and take a picture. The images, which we hope to collect from around the world, can be sad, happy, funny, gross, ironic, silly, serious, or inspiring.

Many of the photos will be posted on the IHI Open School website and others will be used as part of a larger collage at IHI’s National Forum in Orlando in December.

In three easy steps:

1. Take a picture depicting the patient experience on October 5.

2. Write an email that includes your city/state/country and the time of day at which you took the photo.

3. Send the email to

To help get you in the spirit, we'll feature a new photo each day on our blog. Here is today's:

3:43 p.m. in Cambridge, MA, USA