Oct 17, 2008

My day with the IHI Open School team

I'm a 6th year student at high school in Scotland. Having a day at the IHI was great.

I started by meeting various staff members and learning a bit about the IHI Open School. They were all very nice and I was really impressed with what I heard.

Being a potential medical student, I spent my day getting a better understanding of quality improvement in healthcare and helping the Open School team by being a sort-of 'focus group' .. the group consisting of only me.

I started with reading a couple of case studies, and following the guidelines for case study questions, I made up some questions for a few of the case studies.

I then started the course in quality improvement on the IHI Open School website. I was really impressed by the course. I never knew courses like this existed and it was a great way of learning for me. After completing the first lesson I felt that I had gained a good understanding of errors and how they can happen anywhere, to anyone and ways to go about responding to these errors. Although I only got through a small section of the course, I intend on doing many more in the near future.

In the afternoon I was filmed being interviewed by Deepa. It was my first ever interview and was quite scary, but I enjoyed it. I was asked questions about what I want to do in the future and why.

I then gave my feedback from the courses and we discussed each part.

I feel that I have had a very successful day at the IHI and I have developed a good understanding of health improvement.

Thank you all the team who made my day so successful :-)

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