Mar 16, 2009

Combining Design and Medicine: Diabetes Design Contest!

Living with and managing a chronic disease is not easy. Yet, as we all age and live longer, chronic diseases will become a fact of life. As future health care providers, we need to think in terms of the patient. What can we do to make the lives of our patients, who carry with them these chronic diseases, better? Check out this contest!

Hosted by DiabetesMine, a blog by Amy Tenderich with all sorts of resources to help those living with Diabetes, and sponsored by the California Healthcare Foundation, the DiabetesMine Design Contest is looking for innovative design products to improve the life of those with diabetes. Individuals and groups are both encouraged to join! The Grand Prize is $10,000! Click here to find out more details, read the press release, watch the youtube videos of last year's entries, and learn more about DiabetesMine.

Contest Found on Paul Levy's Blog: Running A Hospital

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