Mar 10, 2009

News from the University of Michigan OS Chapter

The University of Michigan IHI Open School Chapter is really excited about our year so far. We began in the fall with a series of formative meetings in which we discussed the principles of IHI and quality-oriented, patient-centered care, and explored the challenges we face as future health professionals through case studies. Initially, our core group was comprised almost exclusively of Public Health graduate students in Health Management and Policy; when we reconvened after the holiday break, we all agreed that it was time to grow.

Growth for us means two things. First, part of our vision for IHI Open School here at UoM is creating an interdisciplinary coalition, and we are actively recruiting from all the health professional schools. At our last general meeting, we had representation from students in medicine, public health, business, and law, and we expect strong representation from nursing at our upcoming general meeting.

The second part of our vision for IHI Open School is creating a three dimensional learning experience, focused on:
1) increasing our knowledge around patient-centered care and quality improvement,
2) developing skills for promoting ideal care and overcoming existing barriers to its achievement
3) pursuing opportunities for hands-on, project-based experiences to deepen and solidify our knowledge and skills

As such, we are currently exploring several happenings here at UoM and looking for ways for IHI Open School members to both learn and contribute. As we remain in an information gathering phase, it is too early to say too much about where these will lead, but we are very hopeful of the possibilities they represent. Please check out our blog
to see descriptions of where we are focusing our efforts. Stay tuned!

-The University of Michigan IHI OS Team

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