Mar 29, 2009

Our first meeting

Hi there. This is my first stab at blogging. I wanted to tell you about our first meeting of the IHI Open School at Beverly Hospital. We have a non-traditional chapter in that our chapter is sponsored by a hospital, and has three nursing schools associated with it. We have only been organizing since the Congress in January, and I am very excited about the membership so far, and even more, how we can lay the foundation for this chapter for the fall. During our first meeting, we got to know each other and where everyone is in their nursing programs. We viewed a few videos that are available on You Tube, and then started a discussion about some of the things in healthcare that we have seen that need to be fixed. Many of us shared not only experiences that we had as clinicians, but many shared experiences from the perspective of being patients and family members of patients. It was amazing to me the insight that everyone had not only into the things that didn't work well, but the systems that needed to be improved. I am looking foward very much to getting to know everyone better, and for ideas surrounding improvement projects that will be meaningful to those involved!!!

Julie Holden, Beverly Hospital Chapter Leader

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