Jun 29, 2009

A Team Approach to Healthcare Reform

As a chronic consumer of healthcare and policy information, I am thoroughly enjoying the explosion of media coverage regarding healthcare reform.

For example, the following NY Times blog includes an excellent compilation of insights from many knowledgeable and experienced doctors:

However, I have to say that with all the coverage on healthcare reform, very little of it includes perspectives from non-physician providers. While the doctor's point of view is obviously an important one, it is just one in our very complex system. Off the top of my head, other providers working to provide patient care include nurses, nurses aids, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, occupational therapists, research teams, and administrators. And, as a result of our current system, the aforementioned providers often spend more time with patients than doctors get to. If we are to reform healthcare into a workable and sustainable system, we should be gathering more insight from a variety of providers.

I advocate for a team-centered approach to healthcare. As such, I advocate for a team-centered approach to healthcare reform. There is something to learn from everyone on the team.

Has anyone else seen coverage from nurses, pharmacists, therapists, or otherwise?
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