Jun 1, 2009

WIHI: The Blogosphere's Hospital CEO

Did y'all get a chance to tune into WIHI's discussion about hospital readmissions or the last broadcast about health IT? If you did, I'm sure you can't wait for the next installment of WIHI.

Join Madge Kaplan this THURSDAY for a discussion with Paul Levy, President and CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Paul Levy with his blog "Running a Hospital" has become a true pioneer in health care. His blog entries are "must-reads" for any health care leader, administrator, or clinician interested in building cultures of improvement, safety, and transparency. Don't forget to register to listen here.

Just a reminder:
WIHI is an exciting new audio program from IHI. It’s free, it’s timely, it's interactive, and it’s designed to help dedicated legions of health care improvers worldwide keep up with some of the freshest and most robust thinking and strategies for improving patient care.

Each episode is 60 minutes and there's a new broadcast every other week. You can listen to WIHI live— via computer or telephone or both — or you can download an archived audio file for listening later (see the Technology tab for more information). All you need to do is register in advance.

The WIHI broadcasts will be hosted by IHI’s Madge Kaplan, who brings a wealth of experience to WIHI from her years reporting on health care for public radio. IHI’s Director of Communications since 2004, and the regular “voice” of the 100,000 Lives and 5 Million Lives Campaign conference calls, Madge is known for her ability to create a shared space for lively and enriching discussions.

Click here for more details about registering and listening in on WIHI.

Past WIHI broadcasts are archived and available for download here.

If you have been following these WIHI broadcasts, please let us know by leaving a comment!

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Eva said...

The audio for this broadcast of WIHI is now available here. You can also access past broadcasts through the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's podcast.