Jul 11, 2009

Signs of Hope

I think this blogging is becoming a habit for me. Tell me to stop if you're not digging it! Actually, I'll probably run out of (interesting) things to say even before you make it to your keyboard.

Anyway, the more and more time I spend in the hospital, the more I see little things around that give me hope for the future of the quality and safety movement. It seems as though it's really winning hearts and minds. With luck, that also means that there is also greater willingness to include this kind of teaching in our education. I sure hope so. I think it's so important to the "complete" medical education.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share a couple things I've seen out and about in med school. Take a look at these pictures snapped on various recent rotations. The safety sign is from an underground passageway that lots of people take from the garage to the hospital in the morning. The CA-BSI (catheter-associated bloodstream infection) sign is in the PICU. Great stuff!

Have any of you seen anything similar? Write your story in the comments. Or, if you've got a picture, upload it imgur.com and leave a link in the comments.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.

-- Alexi

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