Jul 16, 2009

Writing and Publishing Your Work

Interested in writing and publishing your improvement stories and other work? Join us for two great calls on writing and getting your work published!

On Call: Get Your Work Published
Wednesday, July 22, 4-5PM ET

You have a lot to say about the work you do. But getting published is another story. What journals should you target? What do editors look for? Is it even possible for a student to publish independently?

Join Frank Davidoff, IHI's executive editor, and David Stevens, Editor-In-Chief of the journal Quality and Safety in Health Care, demystify the publication process for students. You'll learn:

  • How publication works, from start to finish
  • The most common reasons editors accept and reject submissions
  • The types of student articles that are most likely to be published
  • Five major obstacles to writing and publishing--and how to overcome them.

Don't forget to register here.

How to Write Titles and Abstracts
Wednesday, July 29th, 4-5pm Eastern Time
A good abstract is like a good ad. You've got just a minute or two to convince readers that your paper is worth their time. But all too often, authors give their title and abstracts short shrift.

In this free, hour-long web conference, David.P. Stevens, editor of the journal Quality and Safety in Health Care, explains the nuts and bolts of writing a great title and abstract. You'll learn:
  • What every abstract should contain
  • What makes some abstracts compelling- and others just average
  • Why "Snakes on a Plane" is a better title than "There Will Be Blood"

Bring your questions. No advanced registration is required.

Hope to see all of y'all on these calls!

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