Sep 14, 2010

The first IHI Open School advanced case study

A few months ago, a 29-year-old woman was living independently in a small suburb in the southwestern United States. She enjoyed cooking for friends and playing her guitar. Today, she's been admitted to a nursing home because she can no longer care for herself. What happened?

Two weeks from now, students and residents all over the world will gather in interprofessional teams and analyze the complex series of events that ended up harming this patient. They'll also design an improvement project that could help prevent similar problems from happening to other patients in the future.

Want to participate? Here's how the IHI Open School's very first advanced case study event will work.
  • Visit the advanced case study page and download the instructions.
  • Form a team. Teams can consist of 2-12 people and must represent at least two professions. Residents and students from a broad range of fields, including nursing, business, pharmacy, medicine, law, policy, engineering, public health, and related fields, are encouraged to participate. If you need teammates, find them on our Facebook page.
  • Register your team by Friday, October 1st. Registration is capped at 25 teams, so register early! (Registration is open now.)
  • Download the case from the IHI Open School home page on Thursday, September 30th. You'll have two weeks to work on it with your team.
  • Email your team's presentation to by Thursday, October 14th.
  • Selected teams will present their work to IHI faculty in a series of live webinars the week of October 25th-29th. Teams will be notified by October 20th about whether they will be invited to present.
We are really excited about this case study event. It's a chance to flex your knowledge of safety and patient-centered care, lead system improvement, practice your teamwork skills across professions -- AND get feedback from the experts at IHI.

We hope you'll form a team and sign up! If you have questions, leave a comment or email