Jan 5, 2011

Site Visit: Naval Hospital Pensacola

In December, Shannon visited the Naval Hospital Pensacola in Pensacola, Florida. Approximately 20 staff members came out to meet with Shannon and me, the Chapter Leader, to learn more about the opportunities available through the IHI Open School.

Among those 20 were the Faculty Advisor for the Family Medicine Residency program and four residents. These residents, along with the Faculty Advisor, are looking into ways to incorporate the IHI Open School courses into the curriculum for residents. Shannon posed this question to the faculty community via email and within a week, ten sites responded, sharing experiences and lessons learned. (Coming soon: click here to see the growing list of residency programs using the IHI Open School courses.)

Once again, the power of community in moving forward for safer, better quality care is clear in the ready assistance offered by these organizations. Naval Hospital Pensacola, excited about moving forward in 2011, will set up quarterly meetings, inviting all the staff members who attended the open house event. Using this group, we will expand our membership by holding quarterly bag lunches featuring activities and guest speakers.

The Naval Hospital Pensacola is also a Passport member, which invites them to participate in frequent calls with the larger community to learn more about the Improvement Map tool and receive improvement support from IHI faculty for the work they're doing (Click here to learn more about Passport).

- LT Laura Jensen

The Naval Hospital Pensacola recently received the Department of Defense's Patient Safety Award for Teamwork & Skill Building. Congratulations!