Apr 22, 2011

IHI Open School Southeastern Regional Event

My name is Dustin Cox and I am student at Clemson University studying Health Administration. The Clemson University Chapter is unique in that we are primarily undergraduate college students, and our group is a diverse mix of a variety of disciplines including health administration, engineering, architecture, business, nursing, and others. Our IHI Open School had elections a few weeks ago and I was elected President. Shortly after being elected, I was provided the opportunity to attend the Southeast Region IHI Open School Forum. Given that I have never attended any of these conferences before, I was anxious to see what was in store for a Southeastern Conference. To my surprise, there were over 350 people in attendance, including students and professionals alike!

Upon arriving at the conference, I was amazed at such an energetic and exciting atmosphere. After hearing the opening remarks from the Southeastern directors, we were introduced to two professionals who would go on to give us a better understand of public narrative. The ability to share experiences and motivate others with the stories we told were the main focus of the afternoon. Everyone has a story of what brought them to where they are now, and where they would like to go in the future. When we left however, we were all able to tell that story in a way that influenced others in a positive light.

I was able to take this experience back to Clemson with me and excite the other officers, that we are a part of a national movement to improve quality care. Not only was this Conference a good way for me to become more enthusiastic about healthcare improvement, but it was also a great way to network. Throughout the day, I was introduced to many local healthcare and IHI Open School Chapter leaders. I look forward to next year’s Southeastern conference and recommend this to any and everyone I come in contact with!

- Dustin Cox, Healthcare Administration student at Clemson University