Oct 3, 2011

Wednesday is "One Day in the Life of a Patient"

The IHI Open School's photo campaign, "One Day in the Life of a Patient," is taking place this Wednesday, October 5.

All over the country -- and all over the world -- students and health care providers will pause and put themselves in a patient's shoes. The reason? To see the patient experience through a new set of eyes.

Many of the photos will be posted on the IHI Open School website and others will be used as part of a larger collage at IHI’s National Forum in Orlando in December.

In three easy steps:
1. Take a picture depicting the patient experience on October 5.
2. Write an email that includes your city/state/country and the time of day at which you took the photo.
3. Send the email to openschool@ihi.org.

Here's a video -- filled with pictures from the IHI staff -- to inspire you: