Sep 9, 2010

The IHI Open School is Two!

Two years ago, the IHI Open School team was building a startup. We were pretty sure students would be interested in learning about quality, but there were lots of things we weren't sure about. Would busy students be ready to take on another commitment? Would faculty embrace the IHI Open School concept? Would students of nursing, pharmacy, medicine, business, and other professions find ways to collaborate to improve patient care?

After many late nights and weekends in the office, our team crossed our fingers and launched this initiative on September 15, 2008. Two years later,we are constantly humbled by the energy, accomplishments, and sheer numbers of students, residents, faculty, and health professionals who have plunged into the IHI Open School's offerings -- and taught us a lot about the work that preceded this initiative and made it possible for so much to happen in such a short time.

Exactly how far have we come together in just two years? Check out the numbers:
  • 38,000+ students and residents are registered on
  • 9,000 students and residents have completed a course
  • 8,000 faculty and deans are registered on
  • 700 students have earned an IHI Open School Certificate of Completion (all of the courses)
  • 250+ Chapters have been started in 35 countries

We offer a big, loud THANK YOU to the Chapter Leaders and Faculty Advisors who’ve taken on the challenge of leading a Chapter and getting others -- whether students, residents, or health professionals -- involved in quality improvement. Our thanks also to the health professionals who have made time to invite these students into their organizations.

Help us celebrate the last two years by telling us what the IHI Open School means to you. How have you used what you learned in the courses? Did leading or participating in a Chapter change your career? How is the IHI Open School shaping your personal and professional goals? And -- finally -- what do you want the IHI Open School community to do next?